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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How to glo bug for sea run cutthroat.

15.5 inch sea run cutthroat taken on a size 6 baby pink glo bug.

In the last 3 years I have landed more sea run cutthroat in December, January, and February than any other time of year. All of these fish were taken in a small creek near my house that the cutthroat travel up to spawn. Most of these fish are 14-18 inches long and a little colored up. The technique I choose to use is nymphing glo bugs. I like to use a 6 foot 3 wt. because the creek I fish is very small and brushy.
My favorite hole on the creek I fish
The first step of tying up, is I make my leader. I like to use straight 6 or 8 pound maxima ultra green. I make it anywhere from 6 to 9.5 feet long. The next step to set up is you have to choose an indicator. I like to use pegged corkies because they are easy to adjust and they float very well.
A selection of indicators I like to use.
Once I have my leader tied up and my indicator tied on I choose my glo bug. I like to carry a wide variety with me. My favorite colors are baby pink with a red dot tied on a size 6 egg hook. Although time of year and water clarity play a role generally in the beginning of the season, I like to use more solid colors and as the season goes on I switch to a faded washed out color like peach. Once I have made a selection I tie it on.
My glo bug selection (the top row is my favorite).
After My glo bug is tied on I am ready to fish. Depending on depth and speed of the water I will sometimes add some split shot. All you must do now is get a drag free drift and watch your indicator You never know when a pig will hit. I like to fish deep holes and walking pace runs. Below are some pictures of fish that have been fooled by me using this technique.

12 inch cutthroat caught in January

14 inch cutthroat caught in January.

16 inch cutthroat caught in January.

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Bob Triggs said...

Great stuff. Very similar to my experiences on the west end Olympic Penuinsula rivers, and Southwest Alaska.