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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Back to the begining...

I ended up having a bit of free time today so of course fishing ended up working its way into my schedule. The day started out with a fruitless trip out to the Olympic Peninsula for chinook salmon and some retribution was needed. My thoughts immediately went to the local cutthroat pond. This place has special meaning for me, as it is where it all started. I learned how to fly fish here and gained a love for native trout species. All of the fish inhabiting this pond are native coastal cutthroat which generally hit flies with reckless abandon and fight like there is no tomorrow. What more can a fly fisherman ask for in a fish...

The local pond

The only problem with the pond during this time of the year is the excessive weed growth, which makes getting to and landing any fish no small task. However it also increases the productivity of the pond and when I got there, a decent damsel hatch was in progress and the fish were actively feed on the surface. I started out with a damsel dry and rose a fish on the first cast, but things slowed down after that. This led me to switch to a zug bug nymph and it was game on.

My first cutthroat of the day

The cutthroat appeared to be averaging about 8-10" this year and while the hatch was in progress it was some fast fishing with hits on most every cast. However the ratio of fish caught to lost due to the weeds was extremely high with about 2/3 fish shaking loose.

Another coastal cutthroat

I still managed to get about 10 cutthroat in a couple of hours of fishing including a couple 12" or better making for some fun on a a 2wt.

My big fish for the day a 13" cutthroat

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