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Monday, August 25, 2008

Eastern Oregon Trip Part I: Hosmer Lake Atlantic Salmon

I had a family event down in Sunriver Oregon, so I decided to expand it into a bit of a fishing trip. Last year I had fished Hosmer Lake which holds landlocked Atlantic salmon, but failed to land anything. This year I sought redemption for last year's skunking, but I had to take some serious punishment to accomplish my goal of catching an Atlantic salmon.

I left Sunriver around 8:30am and swung by The Hook fly shop to get my license and some info on how the lake was fishing and what flies were working. The guys at this shop were extremely helpful, and it ended up being a good thing that I stopped here as they warned me about a fire near the headwaters of the Deschutes River that had the main road to the lake closed down. This made my drive slightly longer as I had to go up and around Mount Bachelor, but I ended up arriving at the lake at around 10:30am. When I got to the lake it was partly cloudy, breezy and in the low 40's with a threat of rain and apparently the weather had scared everyone else off. I set up my Zodiac raft and hit the lake regardless of what the weather was doing.

I worked my way down through the channel and to the other side of the lake, using streamers, drys and nymphs without some much as a hit. Half of the problem was the wind which was so strong that at times it was pulling my anchor out of position and dragging me across the lake. About the time that I hit the far side of the lake the weather turned on me and it started pouring down rain. The rain and at times sideways rain would stick with me for the next couple of hours making me very glad that I brought my rain gear along.

Hosmer Lake, as another set of rainy weather begins to move in.

I hung out at the far end of the lake for a little while, but as I still couldn't get any fish and didn't like being so far from the car considering the conditions I began working my way back. I fished my way through most of the channel, and for a change the wind started working in my favor. The wind to drifted me back through the channel as if I were on a slow moving stream and made fishing slightly easier. I still couldn't get anything to hit until I tried an aggrevator prince nymph which brought me two long distance releases from so,e of the big Altantics and brook trout that hang out in the channel.

Hosmer Lake with the top of Mount Bachelor hidden behind the clouds

I got out of the channel and back into the south end of the lake at around 3:30pm, feeling defeated and just about ready to throw in the towel. However just before reaching the boat launch I saw a fish jump and decided to give it a few more minutes. This was a very good call as on the first cast in this spot I had a good hit but missed it and on the second cast I ended up with my first Atlantic salmon.

My first Atlantic Salmon

The fish in this lake are Sebago strain Atlantics and although not native to the west coast they were a new species of fish for me and it was a relief to finally catch one. The fishing remained hot in this spot for several minutes and I managed to land one more Atlantic out of the 7 or 8 that grabbed my aggrevator nymph. However last fish which was much larger than the rest managed to snap off my last on of these nymphs and I couldn't find anything else that they would hit on so I head back into to the boat launch. When got back to the caught it was 48 degrees out and all and all it was a successful day on the water.

Another Atlantic salmon

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