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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New native trout forum and up coming updates

I thought that I would share a few things here in between fishing reports. The first is a new forum for those that enjoy fishing for native fish anywhere. This new site is called the Anglers Life List and Native Fish Network, and beyond the forums it provides information on North America's native salmonids, the lastest in native fish news and more.

Next are updates to my website, I recently added new pages for the Bonneville cutthroat, Alvord cutthroat and Colorado River cutthroat. I hope to add a page for the Whitehorse basin cutthroat within the next week as well.

The final update is that I should have a big trip report coming up before long here, as I leave for my next big native trout trip on September first. On this next trip I will be heading to the southwest to target the Paiute cutthroat in California, Apache trout in Arizona, and the Gila trout and Rio Grande cutthroat in New Mexico.

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