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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!! So I got out on the Puget Sound yesterday for my first outing of 2010, to test out a new marabou prawn imitation that I came up with. It was an incoming tide, so I headed to a local estuary that has been fishing well lately. Upon arriving at the beach the wind was howling straight on shore, but that wasn't going to stop me so I went for it anyways. As it turned out after about fifteen minutes on the water the wind started to die down so I was in business.

The beach

With the tide already well on its way in, the current was really moving so I started covering the water as I would swinging flies for steelhead, making a cast then continuing a couple of paces down the beach before casting again. I had covered about 100 yards doing this when I got to the edge of a tide rip and things started to happen. I got a couple of missed strikes, then a couple of casts later I got a good solid hook up. The fish didn't do too much jumping, but instead thrashed on the surface a bit and pulled much harder than can be expected for its size. Classic sea-run cutthroat... After a short battle I brought the beautiful 15" cutthroat to my net, took a couple of photos and then watched as my first fish of 2010 swam back into the depths.

A healthy ghostly chrome 15" cutthroat

After the cutthroat I got a couple more hits in this spot, but the rip started pushing out of range as the tide rose and made it so I couldn't get to the fish. With that I head down to another productive stretch of the beach were I had another good hook up but lost the fish and a few more hits. With the light failing me at this point it was time to call it a day on my first outing of the new year.
Sunset on the sound

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Unknown said...

Great story! I enjoyed the pics and the colorful narrative. Fun to catch trout on your own hand-tied flies. Great way to welcome the new year. Thank you! OG