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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Belated creek post

Although this post should be a month old by now, I finally have found some time to get back to the blog. Per my usual fishing traditions for the end of the general Washington stream season I did a bit of searching for sea-run cutthroat fresh from the salt water in my home creek.
The creek

With the first hard rains of the fall drawing coho and chum salmon in to even the smallest coastal creeks, the cutthroat are never far behind. This seasonal migration of salmon and cutthroat provides some amazing Alaska style fishing close to home fishing. However it is surprising under appreciated and it is rare if ever that one would run into another angler... A fact that you won't find me complaining about.
A wild coho salmon (under the log)

This year although the creek was a bit lower than usual, it had some of the better coho returns I have seen in years and I literally had to tip toe around salmon redds. With a 6mm or 8mm egg imitation though the cutthroat proved rather willing.
A native cutthroat

Due to the small waters short leaders are the norm and as with typical sea-run cutthroat a slightly unnatural presentation tends to get results. So swinging or twitching an egg imitation often leads to better results than dead drifting. However as usual the end of the season comes too fast and as fishing is just getting into its stride the season is over and it is time to think of salmon and steelhead.
Another look at an egg eating cutthroat

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