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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fort Rock Basin Redbands

This trip came about when I got an invite from my sister to join her on a trip down to Sun River, OR. My original plan was to fish Hosmer Lake for its landlocked Atlantic Salmon which eluded me on a previous trip, but due to an unusually hard winter the road to the lake was still snowed in. While I had many other larger waters, likely holding larger trout close by I chose to head out into the Fort Rock Basin to try my luck for some native redbands.

Fort Rock itself

I had visited the stream that I decided to fish in 2007 and done fairly well in it, so I figured it would be a great place to kick off my small stream native trout fishing again this year. When I got to the creek it was running about 8" higher than the year before, which is a lot of extra water on a stream this size. However I figured that there had to be fish around still so I got to it.

A good spot for a nice fat back cast...

I rigged up my favorite native trout set up, a size 12 royal pmx trailed by a small copper john and began working my way downstream. However after covering a good stretch of water, I had only managed to turn a couple of trout. As with many small streams the pool formed at the out flow of a culvert generally provides some of the best habitat for trout and this creek is no exception. The middle of the pool consisted of a bubbling white water froth, but there was softer water on the edges and more importantly an activily feeding trout. I missed a few takes, than finally got a solid hook up a landed a beautiful little redband on my royal pmx.

I managed to get another one of these beautiful little fish on my nymph, and rose a couple of others before the pool turned off and the weather started to go south telling me it was time to call it a day.

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