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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Opposite ends of the spectrum

On Monday the weather was beautiful and I had about a half hour to spare before work, so I grabbed my 2wt and headed off to a local cutthroat pond. Upon arriving, the first real hatch of the season (a few caddis, midges and lots of callibaetis mayflies) were coming off and the fish were on to them. The first cast came up empty, but the next two were quite rewarding and provided me with two coastal cutthroat on the opposite ends of the spectrum, one silver and one gold.

The first fish, a golden-bronze buck in full spawning regalia

One picture doesn't do this fish justice, so here is another shot.

The second fish a chrome bright fish that had likely recently tasted saltwater.

I ended up landing three fish total and missing another four, so all in all it wasn't a bad trip for a quickie. However I wasn't done and after getting off work I met up with my friend Bob and we headed up North to one of my favorite beaches, where we managed to catch a Chinook a piece just before the sun went down.

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mike doughty said...

i love your respect for small streams and smallish fish. they are a blast to fish and fish for.