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Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Terrible Trifecta

Yesterday we finally had some good weather, which change my plans from staying home to tie some flies, to heading out to a local beach to try my luck instead. When I arrived at the beach the tide was low and just starting to move in but there was no sign of fish. I began at a point that typically holds a fair number of cutthroat, but all I found was seaweed on every cast. From here I headed down to a little eel grass cove where I finally spotted some fish down the beach a little ways. When I got the area where I saw the fish all that I found were a few schools of chum fry and covered a few hundred yards of beach which only one bump before moving on to another point.

Upon arriving at the point a school of 4" long sand lance shot past me and an a 3-4lb fish broke the water scattering another big ball of bait. This definitely looked like the right spot. I started out using a baitfish imitation and was getting a lot of shot strikes but no solid hook ups so I switched to a sea-run bugger. On the first cast with this fly it got hammered and a minute or so later I brought a healthy 18" coho to hand. After this I got one more really good tug before I started to only get a few short strikes here or there so I switch flies to a marabou clouser minnow. Sure enough this change up got the attention of the fish and on the first cast I caught another slightly smaller coho (see below).

Species #1: Coho salmon

The cast after getting the coho my fly got crushed again, but the fish shook itself loose. After a couple of fishless minutes I finally hooked up with another fish which ended up being a small male coastal cutthroat. At about this point Clint and Jake showed up in Clint's boat and when the pulled up it was like somebody flipped a light switch and the coho and cutthroat vanished.
Species #2: Coastal cutthroat

However with the cutthroat and coho gone some roving Chinook decided to move in a not long before deciding to call it quits I managed to complete a tasked that I have only done a handful of times and got the Puget Sound Trifecta: a Cutthroat, Coho, and Chinook salmon. Clint and Jake were kind enough to give me a lift back to my car, but it seems that I good day can turn bad in a heart beat.

Species #3: Chinook salmon

When I got back to my car I was in for a rude awakening as the first thing that caught my eye was a shattered front driver's side window. It was clear that somebody had riffled through my car even though I had nothing of value in sight. Unfortunately they also went through my trunk where they made off like bandits, stealing some spare waders, a gear bag, the tube for my new Scott rod a fly box full my lake patterns, which had over 200 flies in it. I had spent countless hours at the vise tying these flies and this was a sickening loss. To add insult to injury the scum that broke into my car also siphoned over half of my gas while they were at it.

The fishing may have been good on this outing but it is one time that I really wish I would have just stayed home to tie flies instead.


mike doughty said...

damn! that really sucks to hear about you vehicle. i keep thinking that i can't wait to move back home and retire but it seems like everybody has their shit broken into there. that's one thing nice about utah is that you just never here of that shit going on.i'll be itching to tie when i get home, is there anything i can help you replace? flies that is

Cutthroat Stalker said...

Oh man--that is a bummer (to say the least)! I always worry every time I park my truck to fish when I know I'll wander some distance from it. Luckily it's pretty much a beater of a truck and I don't even lock the doors--nothing worth stealing. Boy that makes you mad! Does your insurance cover it?

Congrats on the "trifecta," bittersweet as it was.

wyoflyfish said...

Great day on the water but very sorry to hear about your vehicle. I hate dirtbags that do that kind of stuff. I am always trying to minimize the amount of stuff I leave in the car... sad that we have to think that way when just going out trying to recreate and enjoy nature.

Dave B said...

Gary, that sucks! I hate hearing stories like this and I hear them all too often. I was once fishing the Trinity near Weaverville and someone stole our truck with two Scadden pontoon boats in it. The truck turned up but the boats never did--although some REMARKABLY similiar boats came up for sale on Craigslist. You should monitor Craigslist and other resale channels and see if your gear shows up.

Dave B

John said...

Ah man, that really sucks! That is always on my mind every time I go fishing. Kind of sad actually.

If the place you were fishing was near port orchard, it doesn't surprise me very much. I know a couple people who live over there and they say that meth heads are getting really bad.

We fishermen don't deserve that crap!

Gary said...

Mike- I really appreciate the offer and I may take up on that. I may do a fly swap on WFF to get me a start going again.

Scott- It doesn't look like insurance will cover it at this point unfortunately...

Dave- I am definitely keeping my eyes on craigslist, ebay and the local swap meets. I wouldn't be surprised if bits and pieces of my stuff start sprouting up somewhere along the line...

wyoflyfish - I too try to minimize the amount of gear that I have with me. This outing just kind of back fired on me. I only had the gear bag with the spare waders in the car because I was supposed to be meeting up with a friend that needed to borrow them but called and bailed out when I was already on the road...

It is sad that this is something that we have to worry about when we are out fishing but I now definitely have one spot that I won't be returning too. At least I still have plenty of other beaches that I can go to that are a little safer for both my car and pocket book...

JMaslar said...

Sorry to hear about your scum, but I guess that they are ever place you go. I have had similar experiences so I now have a 95 Chevy beater pick up. It was customized by a lady who ran into the side and I did not bother to have it fixed.