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Friday, February 5, 2010

Quick cutthroat outing

So I had a couple of hours to kill today and decided that my time would be best spent harassing cutthroat on the Puget Sound. So I grabbed my 6 wt spooled up with one of the new wulff Ambush lines and head out to the beach. All that I can say this that the Ambush is a game changer for how I fish the saltwater. This line will relatively easily toss a single hand spey style cast 60 to 70 feet, ensuring that even if it is high tide and there is no back room I can effectively cover the water. Coupled with airflo poly leaders it works great either as a floating or intermediate line as well.

A beautiful afternoon on the sound

I started out fishing a clouser and for the first half hour or so I just enjoyed playing around with my new line before I decided that it was time to change flies. I switched over to a worm imitation and within a couple of casts I got a solid grab and hook into a sizeable cutthroat. However after a few good tugs and a series of headshakes he threw the hook and was on his way again. A couple of casts later I got another good hook up this time with a smaller cutthroat and after a short fight was able to bring him to hand.

A beautiful native coastal cutthroat

Apparently I had chosen just the right fly as once in my net the 12" cutthroat spit out a 14" polychaete worm!
A successful release - see if you can find the cutthroat (hint middle of the picture)

After releasing the cutthroat I covered the beach for another half hour or so, but I had already used up the prime window on the tide and didn't see anymore fish.

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On The Fly said...

My folks live up your way and Ive fished some up there a few years ago. (without success.) Going to have to hit you up for info next time I'm there.