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Friday, June 25, 2010

Paiute cutthroat update - The Good and the Bad

So last month I posted about the plight of the Paiute cutthroat, which is a rare trout only native to one small stream in the Sierras of California. The original post (here) was to rally support of the restoration of these fish to their entire native range and there is some good news on that front. A couple weeks ago the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) announced that they have decided to go ahead with their plan to restore the Paiute to their native range. For the full announcement click here

A California Paiute

The bad news is that the same environmentalist groups that stopped project in the 11th hour last time have filled a law suit again this time. This is even in light of the Environmental Impact Statement put together by the USFWS showing that any impacts would be minimal and that the benefits to ecosystem from eliminating the nonnative trout would by far outweigh any potential impacts. With any luck the courts will see through the baseless lawsuit that this group has brought up and let the facts speak for themselves.

For the news article on the lawsuit click the link below

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flyfishnevada.com said...

I live about an hour from the trailhead that will take you to that creek. I had not heard of the latest news. I too hope they can get past this latest lawsuit. I hope to fish for a genetically pure Paiute some day.