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Friday, October 15, 2010

Issac's Ranch

I love fishing for native salmonids and living in Washington State I am lucky to have some many waters nearby were native fish still manage to maintain a hold. However the flat out truth of the matter is not everywhere you fish is going to have native trout and some of the most phenomenal fisheries hold nonnatives. On such place is a group of private lakes in Eastern Washington called Issac's Ranch the fish are stocked in these lakes, but might as well be wild as they are put in small and absolutely thrive in the fertile waters. In fact these lakes are so fertile that I swear the trout need to be there just in order to control the excess levels of scuds and other aquatic organisms in the lakes. Between bouts of steelheading, Blake and I led a group of anglers on an expedition to these lakes and we will just say it was amazing!!!

Got scuds??? Yes those are all scuds....

The upper lake

While weed growth presented a bit of an obstacle, the fish were feisty, well fed, yet eager to eat more. With the abundance of scuds that would coat anyone's legs that waded in to the lake, it wasn't surprising that the fish were pretty well keyed into the little critters. However buggers worked wonders throughout the day. I think these photos will say everything....

Me with an average to smallish sized rainbow to get things going

My big fish at 24"

A fat 23" bow the fell for my bugger

Blake with a rainstorm rainbow...

Ryan with the big fish of the day at 26"

Although as with any day of fishing there were the slow periods here or there during the day, for the most part the action was fast and our smallest fish landed was a respectable 17"er with the biggest landed being a fat 26"er. Not to mention the 30" torpedo of a fish that Keith hooked into and did battle with for several minutes before being broken off.

Yes I love native trout, but everyone now and again there is something about just going fishing and especially something to getting that big fish fix!

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Ryan said...

Great report and beautiful trout. The pic of the scuds is great. Native or not, wild or not, I'd fish for those anyday.

The Average Joe Fisherman