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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Home stream startup

Being home for the stream opener weekend this year, I decided to kick things off at a local cutthroat stream. While this stream is close to home, it is it is very small and the last couple of winters have not been kind to what was once my favorite stretch. Last year blow-downs were the big issue, this year I found that the high flows of winter had all but eliminated the all of the holding water in the section.
Brushy but beautiful

While this stream is a lot of work without a ton of reward, the fish beautiful and will rise to dries at times and an ten minute drive and an hour of fishing resulted in a handful ofbeautiful small native cutthroat.

Native trout 10 min from home... Doesn't get much better...

This time of the year is always tough on this little creek in the fall the anadromous cutthroat will be returning and if things go as the usually do I will be ending my stream season where I started it.
A spot to look forward to for fall...


e.m.b. said...

"Native trout 10 min from home... Doesn't get much better..." amen to that! I'm lucky to have this too. :) Lovely post...beautiful fish!

mike doughty said...

gorgeous cutt!

HighPlainsFlyFisher said...

That's one beautifully colored cuttthroat. Those spots are something else! I'd drive halfway across the country for that let alone have it 10 minutes from home.

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dollyvarden said...

Your native trouts are very interesting, especially bull trout.

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