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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sunset sea-runs

With my recent success on the Sound, it was hard not to get out again, so when Colton called asking me join him at the local beach, I was all in. When I got there the outgoing tide was underway Colton was already fishing.
Sunset at the beach

As with my prior outing, the fish seemed to be in and Colton had already gotten into a couple and within a few minutes found another nice 10" cutthroat. While it wasn't lights out fishing, every ten minutes or so one of us would either get a hit or lock into a fish. Colton seemed to be having a bit better luck then me with the cutthroat and was up three cutthroat to my one flounder before long.
My little flounder

However as the light faded we both decided to put some larger flies on and the change up seemed to make a difference for me as I got a strong take and a solid hook up. This fish had some size to it and made my 6wt rod work for it. As several minutes of battling though I brought the beautiful 16" sea-run to hand. After this fish we had a couple more hits, but the light was fading fast and we had to call an end to the day.
A great way to end the day.

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