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Monday, March 28, 2011

Call for Support! Alvord Cutthroat

The Alvord cutthroat has been declared extinct for most of the past century, however in one small creek in Southern Oregon there is still a remnant of these fish left. Although it is unclear how genetically pure the fish in this creek are, some are phenotypically correct representations of the Alvord cutthroat trout and this may be the last chance to save these fish from extinction. The problem is that closely related Lahontan cutthroat have also been stocked in the creek and the greatly out number the Alvord type fish and seem to be slowly but surely replacing the Alvord type fish. For more information of these fish, please visit http://kortumofdiscovery.wordpress.com/ or http://www.nativetroutflyfishing.com/alvordcutthroat.htm.

Now is the time for action and I urge any of my readers to write letters in support of a restoration project. Such a letter should include the following information:

1. Conducting a transplant of the most "Alvord-like" fish to a stream with suitable habitat. Such a stream should have good riparian habitat and water quality so that a self sustaining population can be created.

2. The stream currently holding these fish should to made catch and release only and no bait to help protect the remain "Alvord-type" fish found there.

3. The restoration of these fish should not hinge on waiting for genetic testing as such testing is timely and this population is too fragile to await such delays. Also this testing is going to be difficult to conduct as the Alvord cutthroat is lacking in quality genetic samples to compare with.

Please submit letters of support for an Alvord phenotype rescue and restoration project to: Shannon Hurn, ODFW District Office, 237 Highway 20 South/PO Box 8, Hines, OR 97738 or via email to shannon.m.hurn@state.or.us


Unknown said...

Very cool! I hope that a true "Alvord" strain is found in those inhabitants of that stream. I will submitted a letter for sure.
Thanks for bringing this nearly extinct fish to the front burner.

Dustin's Fly Box said...

where are you located? Great blog, you got a new follower.

Gary said...

I am up in Washington State, you have a great blog yourself and I will definitely be following it.

Dustin's Fly Box said...

awesome!! I live in vegas right now but I grew up in last chance Idaho which was on the outskirts of island park and yellowstone. I miss going 10 minutes and fishing the henry's fork and the box canyon :( Thanks for the following

Unknown said...

Really nice to see you supporting you wild trout. I am going to follow your blog.

I'm @www,smallstreambrowntroutfishing.blogspot.com

Have a look and follow if you can?

Best Wishes.

Patrick Sievert said...

Thank you for initiating this effort. I just sent an email urging the State of Oregon to protect this fragile remnant population. One of my life goals is to catch all 13 currently recognized subspecies of Cutthroats. Which means the Alvords have to be preserved, and I (or someone) has to find a similar population of Yellowfins.